We are here for you! Religious Education /Sacramental Preparation, or what are more commonly referred to these days as Faith Formation, is offered here at our Church of Saint Patrick for young people in preschool through the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Our Faith Formation sessions take place here on Sunday mornings prior to the celebration of the Mass from September through April..  

For those who have not yet registered your children — please send your completed Faith Formation form back in to us now at:

Church of Saint Patrick - 1095 DeSoto Street, Saint Paul, MN 55130-3704  Thank you, we appreciate your consideration and cooperation.   

If you have a child or children, Godchild or grandchildren, between the ages of 3 and 17 and have not yet received a registration form or if you know of someone who still might like to enroll their children, please call us at the Faith Formation Center 651 776-7686 or the parish office at 651 774-8675 for a registration form and/or more information.   




              Confirmation-2013        First Communion                 Confirmation      Confirmation

Seventh Grade